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How to care for Ecua-Andino


Look after your Panama hat and you will be able to enjoy it for many years.
The correct way of holding on to your hat is not from the crown as it is the most delicate part but from each side of the wings.
Ecua-Andino may not be held responsible if these advices are not followed by our clients.
Recommendations for the correct use of your Hat
· Clean your hat with soap and a soft white cloth.
· Do not  leave your hat in the direct sunlight or in dry locations as its colors might fade away.
· Avoid to wear your hat under the rain as it might lose its shape.
· If your hat gets too dry you can spray very little clean water on top of it.
· Keep your hat in a humid and cool place to keep its original shape and softness like a bathroom or the basement.
· You can recover your hat’s original shape by ironing it at a low setting with a slightly humid cloth.
· Your hat should be left folded for the shortest  period of time possible.
· Crochet hats are considered more resistant and easily foldable.

An important recomendation:
The right model to fold up is the white classic hat, this hat passes through a chemical process, that allows it to be more flexible. The toquilla hat can only be folded one day in the balsa wood box, otherwise it can loose the form of its crown and brim. 
Remember that an Ecua-Andino Panama Hat is a handmade luxury accessory, so it's normal to see some straw outside the weave (the hat is woven by hand).

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